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Design and create barcodes for your products. Define the desired labels dimensions and layout, then print it using a Zebra Printer. (The program won't run without one.)

ZebraDesigner is a program to design bar code labels.
The program can be installed in 16 different languages.

When you install it, ZebraDesigner will scan your system for installed Zebra printers. Shouldn´t you have one installed, you´ll need to install one, otherwise the program won´t work.

Then, the Welcome Wizard will begin, offering you to edit a previously made label or create a new one.

You´ll have to select the printer that will print the label you´re designing. You can also set up the properties of this printer.

Next you´ll have to select the Label Stock you´re going to use.

Then you can set the size of the label, or auto fit the size according to the size of the desired Label Stock.

You will have then to define the label layout. It can be Portrait or Landscape, and you can choose if you want to print them rotated.

Next you will have to define the label dimensions (width, height, margin, columns...). You can use the measure units that you like best (pixels, mm, cm).

Then, you can enter the text, the barcode and you can save or print your label.

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